The brief is the starting point of the design process. It will ensure fast turnaround and maximum fidelity.


This is the phase where the design comes to life taking into consideration the specifications of the brief.

Revision Round

The renderings are delivered and the feedback is used to make the final adjustments to the design.


The design is updated with the feedback and is now finalized so that it meets the expectations.

There are various types of renderings to approach your project, depending on your needs.

Rendering Categories

Exterior Renderings - Residential

These types of renderings usually involve projects of smaller scale regarding exterior renderings of a residence.

Interior Renderings - Residential

These are interior renderings which can range from a single view of a room to series of renderings to include multiple areas of the residence.

Commercial Renderings

This category includes interior and/or exterior renderings for commercial spaces (e.g. restaurants, clinics). Their scale may vary and they can include interior design services, unless suggested otherwise.

Medium - Large Scale Exterior Renderings

You can use these type of renderings when it comes to bigger projects which involve large scale buildings / facilities. They may also include landscaping design.

Aerial Renderings

With this type of renderings, you can visualize your architectural project at an angle from above, making it ideal for any property related projects.

3D Floorplans

This type is ideal if you want to better convey your architectural plans, displaying the structure and the layout of your building in detail, making it easy for the viewer to identify the space and its potential.

Types of Architectural Visualization

It’s the most common type of renderings and it refers to images of an area/room/building. The quality of the image and the level of photorealism are extremely important and can determine the project’s success.

360 tours aim to deliver an immersive experience and make the viewer part of your project. They can also be extended to offer a unique VR experience to your audience. More time should be allowed for this approach, making it more expensive that the stills.

A more complex process which brings your project to life by displaying the special features and qualities of your design and further engage your audience. The implementation is time consuming and therefore more expensive, with an impressive result.

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