Mediterranean Summer

Elia Nero Hotel

These are renderings for a project regarding the “Elia Nero” hotel in Peloponnesus, Greece.
“Nero” is a greek word meaning “water” and “elia” stands for the olive fruit. It reflects the key attributes of the area which is surrounded by olive groves and it’s located on top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
The hotel is built on an area of more than 6 acres, half of which are occupied by olive groves. The design of the hotel respects the local architecture where stone features as a prominent material, and blends harmoniously with the environment and its colors. The semi-dry climate was the criterion for the landscaping which had to adjust to the local flora based on a sustainable pattern.
The scenes were rendered using different times of day to display the features of the structure under different lighting conditions.


Antoneas Dimitris

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